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The basking shark, visits Cornish waters

25 Quirks of Cornwall


  1. Pasties and ice cream are under constant threat from dive-bombing squadrons of seagulls.
  2. It’s not unusual to see people dressed as pirates in public places.
  3. Pretty much any animal, vegetable or mineral can be put on a surfboard and taught to surf.
  4. Washing your car is a pointless exercise – you will almost certainly drive through a mud-filled country road… and once again, it will be time for a trip to the car wash.
  5. You’ve simply got to accept the fact: a tractor will be blocking your route to work tomorrow.
  6. The default weather in Cornwall is rain, rain or heavy rain.
  7. There are many Cornish dialect words which you will not initially understand but will eventually learn to love: ‘dreckly!’, ‘geddon!’, ‘wasson?’
  8. Land Rovers, Jeeps and very large cars are common in Cornwall. So are the tiny, narrow roads that can’t accommodate them.
  9. SuperFast Wi-Fi connection? 4G Mobile? Not down here I’m afraid.
  10. Your hair is under constant threat from seagull poo. (Don’t worry, it’s good luck – apparently).
  11. Cornwall is a long way from everywhere, so we hope you like driving and service stations.
  12. There may be widespread panic in the event of ice, hail or snow.
  13. Finding a place to park your car during peak season is a living nightmare.
  14. Don’t be surprised to see a local donning a pair of Speedos and taking a dip in the sea during the bitter winter months.
  15. When driving around corners in the road, expect the unexpected.
  16. Fog and mist can set in at any moment
  17. ‘Ventongimps’, ‘Frogpool’, ‘Skinner’s Bottom’ – are these bands from the 1940s? World foods? No, just standard names of Cornish villages.
  18. Trains and buses appear irregularly to say the least.
  19. Any journey on public transport includes a complimentary three hour detour of villages, hamlets and corners of the county you didn’t even know existed.
  20. Pot-holes likened to space craters appear regularly on Cornish roads – prepare to experience some turbulence.
  21. Have you seen a local news article like this before? In Cornwall, it’s part of day-to-day life.
  22. Many well-known brands and retailers do not dare cross the Tamar.
  23. Motorhomes and caravans may appear in front of you at any given moment and with little warning.
  24. If someone addresses you as ‘my love’ or ‘my lover’, there is no guarantee that they genuinely like or love you. Sorry.
  25. Pasties. We like them. All shapes. All sizes.





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