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Cornish Landscape

How cornish are you?

Do you know your pilchards from your choughs? Can you tell us who Richard Trevithick or Humphry Davy are and what’s the difference between a tin mine and a tractor?

Find out how Cornish you are and try our Great Cornish Quiz:

1. As a sweet treat there is nothing better than a Cornish Cream Tea but how are the scones, jam and clotted cream traditionally presented?

2. The patron saint of tin-miners is also generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall, but what was his name?

3. Cornish athlete Helen Glover won gold at the London Olympics 2012 but in which sport did she compete?

4. Where would you find Cornwall’s only cathedral?

5. What are the traditional ingredients of a Cornish pasty?

6. In the Cornish language, what is the Cornish word for Cornwall?

7. Cornish Rattler is a famous drink made in Cornwall but what type of beverage is Rattler?

8. The Cornish Pirates are the county’s only professional sports team but in which sport do they compete?

9. Which of the following locations is not a real place in Cornwall?

10. The comedy drama, Doc Martin was filmed in which Cornish fishing village?

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You haven’t answered any questions. Please finish the quiz and re-submit your answers.

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Sorry my handsome, you’ve not got a Cornish bone in your body but please don’t be nasty and have a pasty.

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Right on, we think you might have some Cornish relatives so geddon and celebrate with a Betty Stoggs.

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Geddon my birds, you’re as Cornish as they come and we’ll be seeing you around the Duchy.





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